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Ship 3x faster with unlimited design, landing pages, and custom UI components. Try risk-free for 7 days, then pause or cancel any time.


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Prioritizing design in a startup is hard.
Kojo makes it easy.

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    Join your private workspace
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    Request the deliverables you need
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    Receive designs or code within two days
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    We revise until it's ready to ship

Your full design suite

We work with the best tools out there to own your design end-to-end.

Perks you'll absolutely

We've designed our process to focus on speed, quality, and communication.

Manage entirely in Notion

Make design requests and receive assets in your own dedicated workspace.

Subscribe and forget

No juggling invoices for each project – get all the design you need for one rate.

Cancel or pause anytime

Cancel or pause your Kojo subscription if your design needs dry up.

Stay connected

Connect with your designer anytime via text, phone, video, Slack, or Telegram.

Made for your editor

Our use of design systems and Tailwind classes make implementation a breeze.

Revise to perfection

If something looks off, we keep making revisions until it's perfect.

It's incredibly rare to find someone who has amazing design skills, then complements them with front-end engineering, including animations, visual effects, and overall high-quality production... I'm already recommending Tyler to friends.

Tushar Soni CEO of WalletKit

What we’ve been up to

From side projects to funded startups, we've been busy.

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We design whatever you want need

Let's get this 🍞 together

Try risk-free for 7 days, then pause or cancel any time.

Design Only 🎨

Perfect for small-to-medium startups with recurring design needs. Unlimited requests, one at a time.

$4,995.00 / month

What's included

  • One request at a time

  • Unlimited requests

  • Unlimited revisions

  • Your own dedicated Notion page

  • Custom design system for your brand

  • Easy payments

  • Pause or cancel at any time

  • Daily cat pictures via Slack (view sample)

Starter πŸ‘Ά

The entry-level tier for teams just starting to think about design. Two design requests allowed / month. Two revisions / request.

$995.00 / month

Got a question?

Here are some common answers.

How is this different than an agency/contractor/other subscription service?

To be honest – yeah, there are a lot of design agencies and subscriptions out there. So what makes us any different? Unlike a lot of other services, Kojo empathizes with your developers as well as your users. It's super important to not get tripped up by implementation when running a startup, which is why all of Kojo's designs are practical and easy to implement. If your developers have any questions, they can just directly – we're experts in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

How is this different than just hiring someone?

Hiring is... a lot of work. There are applications you need to sift through, interviews you need to run, not to mention the high salaries and benefit packages. With Kojo, you get your own dedicated designer making your product look awesome for a fraction of the cost. Plus? No headache.

What if my startup doesn’t need design at this stage?

Trust us, you already do.

Who is behind Kojo?

Kojo is the work of Tyler Nickerson, the creator, designer and developer behind a sea of online products such as Linguistic, CityHop, and The Open Dictionary. Tyler is Kojo's sole designer, so by subscribing to Kojo, you'll get to work directly with him 😁

What is a design request?

A design request can be a new page, a new feature, or even just a simple revision – the rule of thumb is typically one request is equivalent to one frame in Figma.

What can I feasibly receive during my trial?

Considering that design requests often take 1-2 days, you can expect 2-3 deliverables during your trial depending on the scope of work.

Is this really unlimited?

Yes and no – while you can request as many designs as you need, they will be tackled one (or two) at a time, depending on your tier. A request can be a new page, a new feature, or a simple revision to an existing design. Once a request is completed, we move on to the next one.

How fast will I receive my designs?

Our goal is to get the final design in your hands by the end of one or two business days.

What does it mean to "pause" a subscription?

Pausing a subscription simply means you won't be billed at the start of the next cycle. For example, if you pause your subscription on the 15th of the month, you'll still have 15-16 days of additional design work you can use at any time (seeing you've already paid for it). Once your subscription is paused, you'll have 30 days until your Notion account access expires unless you restart your subscription.

What is Notion and what's in my workspace?

Notion is a robust desktop application for note-taking, project management, and more. We use it to manage our design requests and deliverables. Your workspace will contain a dashboard with helpful links to manage your subscription, make requests, and view your deliverables. You'll be invited as a guest to our workspace and have a dedicated page for you and your team's projects.

Why Astro?

Astro is a static site generator that ships with zero JavaScript. That means there is no UI framework (like React) slowing down your site. Astro is used when building landing pages for clients on our Pro tier. Astro was chosen because it is cheaper to setup than Framer or Webflow (saving you money) and circumvents vendor lock-in. It's also just... a lot faster, and because it's plain HTML and CSS, the codebase is quite portable.

Is there anything you don't do?

Currently Kojo does not design any advanced or character illustrations (think the Duolingo owl), motion graphics (Lottie or Rive), print graphics, or videos.

Do you give refunds?

Seeing there is a 7-day free trial, no.

What if I only have one request?

Kojo features a lower-cost, limited Starter tier for teams that only have one or two design requests. You can pause or cancel your subscription after you're happy with the work.

Where does your name come from?

"Kojo" is actually a Japanese word (ε‘δΈŠ or kōjō) that means "improvement" or "progress". Kojo's goal is to help elevate and improve startups via design, so it's pretty fitting, no?

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